Squeeze by Fredrik Höjman


Squeeze is an ingenious, ungimmicked way to visually solve a Rubik’s cube. On this half hour download, creator Fredrik Höjman takes you through everything you need to know. There are no complicated algorithms to learn, nor do you need to know how to solve a cube. Just follow the over the shoulder camera, memorize a few simple steps, and soon you will be performing Squeeze! The proliferation of cube magic has brought about many clever ways to secretly solve a cube but many of them look suspicious, or happen quickly. The beauty of Squeeze is how slowly the cube moves and how sofly the colors just seem to morph. The download runs for almost 30 minutes and also includes a bonus false mix by Jack Carpenter, A one handed solve version by Kev G and a PDF which includes the algorithms for those of you who may be interested in them.

Squeeze by Fredrik Höjman | TRAILER

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