SixBySix by Simon Lipkin


Simon Lipkin’s SixBySix is a brand new approach to ESP Cards. Designed to look like an innocent snap game set, SixBySix packs some powerful secrets. Two sets (12 Cards) of matching game cards, marked in three different ways A custom designed wallet, with hidden features, reveals, and cribs built in A fully detailed online tutorial, taking you through each routine … Read More

Cube Maestro by Evgeniy Karelin

cube maestro

Henry Harrius proudly present Cube Maestro. The legendary routines from Evgeniy Karelin are finally released! Rumours about Karelin’s cube work started floating around on the internet around 2018 and have since captured Henry’s attention. During IFM 2019 Russia, we finally got to witness the legend performing his masterpiece live. With the mindset of an actual professional cuber, the techniques and … Read More

Magnetic Cubes of Magic – Top 5 contenders!

We definitely think magnetic cubes are the way forward as they just make your moves smoother and accurate. As there’s currently a lot of choice, we’ve whittled these down to a handful we’d recommend for your consideration. #1 QiYi The Valk 3 Elite M Colour: Black / Size: 55.5mm / Weight: 77g Pros: Feels premium Nice clear colours Well weighted … Read More

Recubed by Kev G


Imagine being able to take a smashed up cube and restore it in seconds. It’s a normal cube they can mix and examine all they like. It’s impossible magic – the bag is clearly empty when the cube falls out! Recubed is very easy to do and Kev teaches you how to make your gimmick in minutes. All the critical … Read More

Olivér’s Stickers

Oliver's Stickers

The best quality stickers for your twisty puzzles. We make every effort to produce the most variety, quality, and personalised stickers from our shop. If you enter competitions, build your own puzzles, collect them or just simply enjoy personalizing twisty puzzles, you are in the right place!

Takamiz Usui LIVE ACT

Takamiz Usui Live Act

Takamiz Usui performs and teaches his close up/ parlor set, including both a cube and card set.

Cube FX by Karl Hein & John George

Cube FX

CUBE FX is the most comprehensive instructional video available for learning how to perform amazing magical and mental effects with the most popular toy puzzle of all time. This 3 DVD set combines the learned experiences of both Karl Hein and John George who will clearly teach you their professional Rubik’s Cube routines and give you dozens of ideas and effects … Read More

Cube Tube by Jon Allen

Cube Tube is an ingenious storage and display item for your Rubik’s Cubes. It will store two cubes inside and becomes a raised platform and cover for a single cube in any ‘matching cubes’ routine.  Built-in feature works with Venom Cube by Henry Harrius as well as Rubicon by Gregory Wilson that allows you to visibly mix the cube in front of people. Also works … Read More

The Solution by Michael Murray

The Solution

The solution is the very first ‘Spectator Rubik Solve’ effect ever to be released. Imagine handing a spectator a mixed up cube behind their back and seemingly giving them the ability to solve it.  Couple this with a transformationally engaging presentation and you have an incredibly astonishing effect that will be remembered by your audiences for a very long time.