Venom Cube by Henry Harrius

This is the ULTIMATE Rubik’s cube matching effect. In this definitive version, there are NO SWITCHES. You ask a spectator to mix a a Rubik’s cube while you mix another cube. When the cubes are compared side by side…it’s a perfect match. You end, of course, by solving your cube with magic. This method is HILARIOUSLY deceptive, easy to do, … Read More

Cube Cards by Kev G

Cube Cards

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in Rubik’s Cube Magic, Cube Cards is the ideal routine to add to your repertoire. It’s perfect for close-up or parlour as it connects with your audience, comes full circle and contains 4 eye popping moments of magic including matches, changes and solves! Review here

Squeeze by Fredrik Höjman


Squeeze is an ingenious, ungimmicked way to visually solve a Rubik’s cube. On this half hour download, creator Fredrik Höjman takes you through everything you need to know. There are no complicated algorithms to learn, nor do you need to know how to solve a cube. Just follow the over the shoulder camera, memorize a few simple steps, and soon … Read More

Takamiz Usui LIVE

takamiz usui

Pioneer of modern Rubik’s Cube magic teaches his original one-handed technique and many ways to use it. Review here.